19 Years of Inspiration – Jennifer Cloud


19 Years of Inspiration – Jennifer Cloud

Today is another big day at the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Offices. It’s Jennifer Cloud’s last day with us, after nearly 20 years of service. Her departure inspired some View More: http://ashleybee.pass.us/tvcc-head-16thoughts that I think bring benefit to all of us as professionals and business owners. Jennifer’s time with us was one of devotion, legacy, and humble excellence. I want to share what she’s inspired, as a tribute to her time with us. 

Lesson 1 – The people around you are part of your personal & professional progress. We go to work day over day. We work with the same people and we do the same things (more often than not). We pour ourselves into what we do. We have ups and downs. We work alongside each other and we strive for something. In the midst of it all I want to encourage you to pause, look at the people around you and consider who we’re becoming in the process, together. Appreciate the harmony that sounds when everyone’s individual talents, time, and effort come together. Recognize that your business, your career, and your path is made better by the people who work alongside you. 

Lesson 2 – Not all superhero’s wear capes. I’ve learned over time that when colleagues, employees, and business leaders are working hard….they’re using all the same resources a superhero does: hustle, grit, determination, tenacity, perseverance, heart, will, and focus. Take some time to recognize the superhero in you; as well as among your colleagues and employees. Oftentimes, the people who use their superhero talents the most are the most quiet and humble. Make sure to recognize them.

Lesson 3 – When you progress, it’s an “onward” motion. When I lead a team I always remind myself that we’re people first, and professionals second. Who “we are” should be considered before what “we do”. If we’re investing in the people around us, it’s natural that they become better and more capable. Stoke that fire with opportunity. Give your employees an opportunity to excel (even if that’s beyond your organization, when it serves their best interest. But do everything you can to be their best interest.) And, give yourself opportunity to progress onward, too. Like Jennifer experienced, progressing as an individual means stepping outside of what’s comfortable. It requires courage and boldness…but you’re future is worth it (personally & professionally)

I hope you’re inspired by these lessons, just as much as I am. Jennifer Cloud – you’ve served us all well and we’re grateful for your example of what being an exceptional person and professional looks like.

Emily Falappino
Cell: 951-595-9087
Office: 951-676-5090

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