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COVID-19 Recovery – City Council Public Comment Submission

Press Release Banner 4.28.20

COVID-19 Recovery – City Council Public Comment Submission

The following statement was submitted during the Temecula City Council Meeting on April 28, 2020.

Dear Esteemed Council Members,

On behalf of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, we would like to share some perspective on our City’s recovery. The perspective we share tonight is shaped by the real stories & experiences of our local business owners and by the individuals who use the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce as a resource, support, and ally through this trying time.  

We hope you will hear our comments and requests as pleas from & for our collective community.  We recognize that there is reason and rationale for the quarantine orders we have followed. We respect the interest of public health. And, we conduct ourselves and our actions with civic pride, social responsibility, and consideration of the community’s best interest.   

Our good faith efforts have been well placed. But, today, as we find ourselves in week six and counting of an economic shutdown, we implore you to actively pursue an expedient reopening of our local economy. All things considered, we have the following comments for your consideration, on the topic of recovery:

  • Please consider that our economy is made up of a myriad of industries. All of them, equally dependent on the opportunity to be open.
  • Please consider giving all businesses the opportunity to re-open by May 15th with proper guidance, restrictions, direction.
  • We invite you to use TVCC as a partner to create guidelines for every business segment, so they can re-open.
  • Resource guides should include practical examples for: how to minimize germ spread, how to embrace hygiene & sanitation practices, and how to manage physical distancing. We recognize re-opening is not a one-size-fits-all plan; but the basis of public health concern, hygiene & sanitation, and social distancing are universal and can be tailored to every business environment.
  • In the spirit of collaboration we encourage the Temecula City Council to request that the County’s Department of Public Health and the County Board of Supervisors evaluate our City’s ability to re-open on our own merits, which include: our local healthcare resources, our ability to test, and our ability to responsibly preserve public health by restricting how businesses operate through this time.
  • Please implore our County Officials to share their plans with City & Business leaders, proactively (ahead of public announcement); so that we can approach recovery with shared focus, understanding, and organization.
  • As you know, our restaurants, wineries, & breweries have suffered tremendous losses during the pandemic. We ask you to lobby for their ability to re-open sooner than later. These industries cannot be first to close and last to open. This is unnecessary and detrimental.
  • We need the Council to advocate for all our businesses and our community. Please use your influence to help establish successful guidelines and policies that will be placed on businesses in the future.
  • We’d like to refer the Council to TVCC, VTV, and TVWA as leading partners to outline the return to work guidelines for our City.


In summary, please know that every business in our City matters and that they are all struggling for life. They need opportunity through a re-opening effort. The SBA loans are not a solution, and frankly they’re not accessible enough.

Together, we can shape a responsible re-opening of our local businesses. We can assist every business segment with guidelines appropriate for their industry. Temecula’s community health metrics argue that our risk factors are low. Our hospital supply, testing capacity, COVID Case count and medical resources are stronger than many others. Our risk can be offset by responsible management & local governance.

We appreciate your time and the opportunity to share our requests.


Al Rubio, Chairman of the Board

Emily Falappino, President/CEO

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce
26790 Ynez Road, Ste. A
Temecula, CA 92591

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