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COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance


COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance


As part of its Reopening Business Digital Resources Center, the U.S. Chamber has added a new componentpexels-gustavo-fring-3985170—titled Vaccine Guidance and Resources—to provide you and your members with the latest updates and information regarding COVID-19 vaccine development, prioritization, and distribution.

Please click here to view the new Vaccine Guidance and Resources component, which includes the following items:

COVID-19 Vaccine Guide and FAQs: A primer on vaccine allocation, prioritization, and timelines from the U.S. Chamber.

GIPC’s Discover and Deliver Map: An interactive map to see what kind of COVID-19 research is going on in your community.

Tracker on Phased Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccines from the National Governors Association (NGA): A tracker providing information on state and territorial plans for phased allocation of COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine Finder: An online portal to help get communities get connected to vaccine providers once COVID-19 vaccination is widely available to the public.




Who can get vaccinated?
Anyone in Phase 1A & Phase 1B (Tier1) and anyone aged 65+.ID and proof of age or profession required at the appointment. County Sites are only accommodating Phase 1A/B and anyone aged 80+.
Local Providers – click here
Schedule An Appointment – click here
For medical offices who want to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider – click here.

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