Riverside County Accelerates It’s Re-Opening

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Riverside County Accelerates It’s Re-Opening

Welcome Back! Churches, Hair Salons, Barber Shops, Restaurants, & Retail

The State of California’s Roadmap to Recovery continues to be the guiding plan for the re-opening of Picbusinesses. Late Friday afternoon, Riverside County was approved by the State to accelerate our re-opening. This means that all Riverside County businesses can operate within the scope of Phase 2B of California’s Roadmap to Recovery.

As of Today’s, Announcement by the State, the following businesses are able to re-open:

  • Essential Businesses from the original 16 critical industries list
  • All Manufacturing and associated Logistics, Distribution, & Supply Chain
  • Offices (where telecommuting is not an option)
  • Retail (no longer limited to curbside)
  • Restaurants (dine-in, included. no longer limited to take-out, delivery, or grab & go)
  • Childcare
  • Outdoor Museums
  • Limited Personal Care Services (e.g. – Car Wash Facilities, Landscaping, & Pet Grooming)
  • Church Services (with modification)
  • Barber Shops & Hair Salons

All businesses eligible to re-open, must do so following State Guidance. The County of Riverside has also issued guidance to all businesses eligible to operate. View the County’s guidance here. While the State guidance and County guidance documents are different, they are complimentary.

Industry Specific Guidance

Guidance for Barber Shops & Salons

Guidance for Places of Worship

Guidance for Restaurants and Checklists for Restaurants

Re-Open When Your Business Is Ready


Re-Opening a business takes time. The spread of

COVID-19 continues to be of concern for our community. As businesses approach re-opening, we encourage you to take Re-Opening Plans at your own pace once you have time to adapt your work. check out these resources.

Need Assistance with your Re-Opening?

The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce has several businesses providing guidance, consulting, and assistance with re-opening plans. Also, we have supplier lists for hygiene, cleaning, and PPE suppliers. Email us for referrals at info@temecula.org.

City of Temecula Announces: Temecula Assist Grant Program

Temecula Assist: A Small Business Emergency Relief GrantTemecula Revive Assist

Visit the City’s website for complete details and to apply. The Grant program provides $500,000 in grants to Temecula based businesses. Applications are accepted today through June 9, 2020. The City provides two separate grant options. You may only apply to one of the two programs.

The first Grant Option (Business Recovery & Job Retention) is appropriate for those businesses who have not received federal funds. This grant program provides $10,000 to each business who is awarded.

The second grant option (Business Improvement Track) is appropriate for any businesses in Temecula, regardless of whether you’ve received federal funds. This grant program provides $5,000 to each business who is awarded.

Awardees will be selected by a lottery system.

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